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Barrhaven Chiropractors at Marketplace Chiropractic Centre are hiring for the position of Chiropractic Concierge.

We are looking for a motivated, outgoing, and compassionate individual who is interested in helping others.

We understand that the role of Chiropractic Concierge is an essential and valuable role in a chiropractic office. The Chiropractic Concierge makes all the difference. The Chiropractic Concierge is the first person a patient sees, and speaks to, and also the last. The patient’s overall comfort, experience, and healing ability in the office depend on the quality of every one of the office team members.

This is not the type of position where you sit at a desk and answer phone calls and book appointments. You are an integral part of the function of the office and will be equally responsible for the success of the entire team and the centre at large.

The role of Chiropractic Concierge is to serve. The primary duty will be to be in service of all of the individuals you come into contact with through the Centre, whether they be patients, clients, the doctors, massage therapists, supervisors, other health professionals, other team members, and even the vendors who supply us products and services. The question that the Chiropractic Concierge should always be asking is: How can I serve you? How can I help you have a better experience? How can I contribute to helping you reach the goals and results you desire?

In essence, we are looking for someone who can treat our practice members like gold, making them feel warm, welcome, and part of the Marketplace Family.

At the same time, you must be able to follow procedures precisely and perform administrative duties, manage the flow of patients and the doctors schedule, schedule appointments, collect payments, maintain patients records, and keep the office tidy.

Public relations, marketing, and patient education is also an integral part of the position.

This position is not for everyone. You need to be able to manage many functions, maintain awareness of everything happening in the office, know all patients by name, and deal with questions and urgent needs, while staying calm and jovial.

Most valuable skills and experience: Attitude of service, desire and willingness to take initiative, organizational skills, extreme multitasking, sales experience, customer service experience, grace under pressure, accepting work responsibility and not deferring to others, personable, ability to connect with others and build relationships, ability to follow direction with attention to detail.

When you email us, include in your cover letter what motivates you to want to serve others, the one thing you are most grateful for in your life and why, and why you specifically have applied for this position.


-computer savvy

-quick learner

-can follow direction

-can take initiative

-great memory

-customer service skills

-time management skills

-take responsibility for self and quality of work

-works well with others and individually

-desire to learn and personally implement natural health and wellness lifestyle

-great at promoting and sharing information and offers

-compassionate and caring

-ability to direct and lead


-excellent communicator

-ability to manage many events and tasks in short periods of time

-an attitude of gratitude, serving, and adding value to others

-100% fluent in English – reading, writing (grammar and spelling), comprehension and clearly understandable on the phone

-problem solving and math skills (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and simple algebra)

-ability to continuously learn, grow, and evolve as an employee and individual

-team player

-outgoing and comfortable meeting new people and being in new situations

-ability to be present and punctual for all scheduled shifts


We are expecting to need 20 hours per week with the possibility of growing into more hours.

The anticipated office hours for our new member will be:

Monday 6:30am-12:00pm

Tues 1-8pm

Thrs 1-8pm

There is some flexibility in the set hours and other hours may also be scheduled as needed, including Saturdays on occasion. You will be working opposite another staff member and may be required to cover their hours as needed, in addition to your own, on occasion.

Training schedule will differ from the above regular schedule.


Training to start May 21st (flexible).


$14/hr plus bonus (based on the results of the office/team’s performance). Bonus applicable only after probation period.


If you have all the basic skills listed above and more, the office hours work for you, you are comfortable with the location (Barrhaven) and are able to arrive at 6:30am even in a snow storm, and you are happy to work with a pay based on a results system, please forward your cover letter and resume by email to lisa@marketplacechiropractic.ca before April 16th.