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Cancer is a symptom of your body reacting to an unhealthy environment.

“When a doctor says there’s no hope, when a doctor says there’s no cure, all that means is that his or her knowledge of this is limited and it’s time to go somewhere else for help.”  -Dr. Charles Majors

When we understand that cancer is merely a symptom of your body reacting to an unhealthy environment and we understand that the only true cure for disease is to get to the cause of the problem, not only treat the symptom,  we have an equation for success at preventing and eliminating cancer.

Watch this great interview with Dr. Charles Majors who eliminated his own incurable cancer, naturally.

 “If my brain can heal this cut, it can heal this cancer.”  -Dr. Charles Majors

3 Steps to Eliminating Cancer

“I don’t need a cure, I need to know what caused this.” -Dr. Charles Majors

Step 1 – Stop making the cancer by getting to the cause.  If you are alive and have cancer, you can survive if you don’t keep making more cancer.

Step 2- How do you want to kill off the cancer that is already present.  Need to choose a way that is going to work.  There are a variety of ways without the use of radiation or chemotherapy that are successful.

Step 3 – Rebuild and strengthen your immune system.  Weakened immune system is the reason why the cancer grew in the first place.  We each get 5-10,000 cancer cells every day, they can only grow and become a problem when our immune system doesn’t eliminate them.

 “You don’t get cancer then get sick.  You’ve been sick for years and then you get cancer.  It was my sickness over time that created my cancer.” -Dr. Charles Majors

“The cure for cancer is not getting it in the first place.” -Dr. Charles Majors

5 Keys to Preventing Cancer

1. Maintain a Properly functioning nervous system.  The body cannot heal itself if it cannot communicate with the part of the body that needs to heal.  Proper brain-body communication is an essential for life and health.  This is the goal of chiropractic care and why chiropractic should be an essential part of everyone’s healthy lifestyle.

2. Positive Mindset. High levels of stress suppresses immune response.  1 minute of stress can decrease the immune system for 6-8 hours.  Accepting a fate that says you are doomed will trigger a physiological response in line with that belief system.  Understanding that your body is powerful and designed to be healthy, allows you to create that reality in your life by leading to taking action on healthier choices and triggering an epigenetic effect on your genetic expression

3. Change Nutrition to Be in Line with Health.

Minimize the amount of sugar intake.  Lack of glucose halts the growth of a tumour cells.  All forms of carbohydrates turn into sugar and lead to inflammation.  Reduce the intake of grains and simple sugars.

Remove bad fats.  (Trans fats or hydrogenated fats) Bad fats take 90-120 days to digest and inflame the cell preventing nutrients and oxygen form getting in and prevents toxins from getting out.  Increase good fats like fish oils, avocado, cook with coconut oil, and consume olive oil but not heated too hot.

Eliminate conventional meats and replace with healthy meats.  You eat what the cow was injected with or consumed in their feed.  Growth hormones, antibiotics, GMO grains, and pesticides consumed by the animals we eat, along with the high levels of cortisol from being raise din a stressful environment, all have an impact on our health.

Supplements . Vitamin D3- controls genetic potential.  Turns on gene to shut down cancer cells.  A high quality multivitamin will provide nutrients missing in diets based on conventional farming practices.

4. Oxygenate Your Tissues.  All metabolic function requires oxygen, become efficient with how you bring in more oxygen.  Cardio is not the bets way to work out anymore.  You need heart rate pumping in intervals, high intensity, short duration.  Key is not to burn fat when working out for an hour because the body will then store fat for the rest of the 23 hours.

5. Eliminate Toxicity. Detoxing, clean the body on a regular basis.  We are constantly eliminating toxins.  When our toxic load becomes greater than our ability to eliminate these toxins get stored in our cells, especially within the fat.  Making a special effort a few times a year to do a “spring-cleaning” of the body can prevent toxins from building up and triggering health problems.

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